There is no question about it, Instagram is a huge success and it’s an app that millions around the world use on a daily basis. While the app is quite good and you can use it successfully as is, there are some tips and tricks that you can read about below which will improve your experience and the quality of the photos you take. It applies to Instagram mostly, but many of these tips will serve you well when you use other photography apps as well.

instagramFirst of all, let’s talk about the camera. I don’t know about the Instagram Android version, but for the iPhone, you’re better off using the camera app available on the phone and importing the photos into Instagram after that. The capabilities of the standard camera app are much better and it’s recommended that you use it if you have an iPhone.

Another option that you need to use is the zoom. You can either get closer to the subject and get the uninteresting elements out of the picture, or you can zoom in to show more details of the parts that are interesting.

Finally, you can use options like the tilt-shift or Lux in advance, before you apply the Instagram filter, to get some extra effects for the photo.

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