If you’re interested in becoming a computer technician, the first thing to know is what exactly you would do. You might like the level of the salary that is offered to you, but what you will do in return for it, for 8 hours a day, 260 days a year, that is something you should be well aware of.

The computer technician might work in all kinds of work environments, but at the basic level, he is the one that makes sure servers and personal computers are well maintained, and repaired when it’s needed. In some cases, it can also mean that he is the one configuring new computers for the organization when it’s needed, updating the operating systems and programs, installing new ones when required, and also taking care of the network in some cases.

Job-Description-e1333469377427There are jobs available with this title both in the private and the public sector. Any organization that has computers also needs someone to take care of them. The job is not regulated, so having a formal certification is not required, but if you want a decent salary, having an education to support your claims is highly recommended.

Some of the typical places where you can find computer repair technicians include IT departments of corporations or regular sized companies or repair centers. The technician that works in the public sector can be found in every department, from the ones that are health related, to law enforcement, military or national security.

The technician can be specialized in certain tasks. They can be used in technical support, or they can be used during repair or investigative processes. They can also be employed on their own though, having companies that offer services related to the things they’re specialized in. Such a small company could offer IT support services to small companies, that can’t afford to hire someone full time to take care of their computers.

Computer Hardware Repair

Even though hardware configurations are quite varied for computers, they are usually split among a few main categories, which include desktop computers, servers, laptops, clusters of computers and mobile computing devices (including smartphones).

Other hardware components that technicians might be required to repair when possible include mice, keyboards, printers, speakers and displays, among others.

As for the technicians that are used in the networking departments, they will be the ones making sure the components of that network are working, including the routers and the rest of the devices.

Computer Software Repair

Part of the responsibility of the technician when he deals with repairs of the operating system or the software, is to make sure the data on the PC is protected and backed up as soon as possible. Sometimes they are the ones trying to recover data that was lost, an essential skill to have when it comes to the important files that businesses often have.

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