Minecraft has a simple goal, as players have to collect materials and expend worlds. After the materials have been collected, a player can basically built everything they want using the Minecraft crafting option. You can build simple buildings or you can put together the structures of a great city, so anything is possible in this game.

After collecting some basic materials, the Minecraft crafting option give you the possibility to create and expand a world. Firstly, all materials are gathered with the hands, and among the basic materials you can find wood or stones, or even dirt. These basic materials helps the player, by combining them to craft basic essentials including tools or shovels etc, even construction parts like door or glass, swords or pieces of armor. If you place the materials on a 3 by 3 grid this will help you building the defense system, for example, two parts of wood and a part stone will help you crafting a stone pickax.

minecraftNow you can collect minerals with it, without having to use your bare hands. Of course, the tools will not be made to last the entire game, some of them will become redundant and some of them will break. In order to avoid running out of tools, a player should be careful in keeping the supply filled the entire time, so that they can easily create new tools and progress into the game. Beside all the above materials, the game offers the possibility to harvest some other materials of high importance, such as iron or diamonds. Then, the player can build up tools to last longer and to produce more damage to creatures. They can be used to improve the defense system as well, so this becomes stronger against the attacks allowing players to expand their worlds more quickly.

Minecraft is a well designed game and allows many game play modes and to fit to each type of player. The Classic player mode gives you the possibility to run the game without having to be concerned about other players or possible attacks, monsters etc. The Single player mode allows one player to choose whatever items he want to use and he will not have to worry about the on line aspect of the game. But, if you want a challenging game, constant actions and activity, the Multiplayer mode offers you this possibility. This mode is allowed to be played only via Internet where all aspects of the game apply.

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