lulu is a site that allows you to publish and sell your own books. I’m talking about paper based books here, not eBooks. It’s pretty simple actually. You upload the manuscript or the photos to their site, you use their tools to format the book the way you want it and you’re done. You can order just one book for you to have or you can sell it in their marketplace. You can even get your own ISBN and publish it in book stores from other countries (if it’s good enough).


I’ll give you one example. I have a small manuscript (150 pages) written by my grandfather that I want turned into a real book, as a gift for my mother. I upload the file to the site, design the covers and I have two options that I need to choose from.

Here are the two variants that I want to choose from and the prices/book:

Paperback, with Standard paper, Black & White, A5 size, Perfect Bound binding, 150 pages – it will cost me $7.50 per book for a 10 books order.

Hardcover, with Standard paper, Black & White, US Trade size, Casewrap binding, 150 pages – it will cost me $20 per book for a 5 book order.

As you can see, you can go for the cheap paperback or for the better looking hardcover. If you order at least 25 books, the price goes down. Instead of $7.50, the paperback from my example would cost $6.10 per book for an order of at least 25 books.

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