EPUB is an ebook standard used by many online book sellers these days. It has a number of features, including vector images, word wrapping or css styling. Free ebooks are often coming in this format. Reading an epub file is usually done by downloading it to your computer and then opening it with an application that can read it. A Firefox addon now allows for EPUB files to be opened from the comfort of your browser, without all the other steps that are usually required.

Once installed, the EPUB reader addon will take over when it sees that the download of an EPUB file begins. Instead, it will display the content of the book inside the browser, in a new tab. On the left side you will see the book’s index and on the right side of that new tab you will be able to read the book.

The addon also allows you to search archive.org and feedbooks.com for titles to read. If you use Firefox, you can download the EPUBReader here.


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